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Reaching Out Since 1984

Reach Out began as a group of volunteers working with youth in the Kelowna area in the late 1980's, and developed into a professional counselling center addressing the needs of youth and young adults in the community who had no resources for clinical counselling. On May 1, 1992 the center was opened on Ambrosi Road in Kelowna so that there would be safe space for those in need for years to come. Reach Out has offered affordable services since its beginnings, and has remained true to its mission throughout the years: to help individuals make sense, find meaning, and move forward.

Reach Out is a registered charity in Kelowna, BC, servicing those in need from Peachland through to Lake Country. Reach Out is a professional agency that values all those who seek help in an inviting, warm atmosphere. The services that Reach Out provide have changed the lives of so many young people in the community, and that work continues today.

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