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Whether you're facing a big life change, going through a difficult transition, or simply looking for somewhere to start,  our Master's Level counsellors are registered, and ready to support you in your journey.
Anxiety, grief, depression, relationships, addiction, couples, family, identity, life stages, child behaviour, pregnancy, parenting... we've been supporting the community for thirty years offering a safe place for clients to voice their concerns, and develop life long skills and coping mechanisms. 

We are client centered, which means our clients come first.

We're happy you've found us! 

Our Fee Scale

Our mission has always been to deliver affordable counselling services to our community, barrier-free. 

Our clinical counselling services are available on a sliding fee scale. 

Fee Scale begins at $55/session and slides on a scale to $115/session based on household income and need. 

We do not limit session numbers, and you will see the same counsellor each time you come in. 

We do not turn anyone away due to financial concerns.

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